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Sell Used Cisco Routers & Switches: Andover buys used Cisco Equipment

Sell used Cisco routers and Catalyst switches
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Used Cisco routers and Catalyst switches lose 2% of their previous weeks value every seven days. Storing wealth in unused Cisco equipment gains little for any company.

If you have used Cisco routers or Catalyst switches, AndoverCG buys and sells these and PIX firewalls, WICs, network modules (NMs), Content Switches (CSSs), ADSLs, IP phones and all manners of networking equipment. If you’re selling Cisco routers, Andover can a make an offer. This means you get a fair price for your networking equipment. Whether you’re upgrading your existing equipment, or closing your offices, contact Andover first to find out how much your used Cisco equipment might be worth.

Sell the surplus Cisco from your Colo/Data Center

We buy Cisco routers, Cisco switches, PIX Firewalls, IP phones, WICs, NMs, and Cisco content servers and other items of used networking equipment. Sell your used Cisco to make the most possible money. Andover's offer is fast and fair. We can have the equipment removed in as short a period as 24 hours.

Professional Used Cisco Dealers

Call us today at 800-430-6950. If you’re downsizing, upgrading or simply on a mission to sell your used cisco equipment: we will make the process of asset recovery painless.

"The Andover Photo Test" - How to tell a counterfeit WIC-1ENET

You can be assured of prompt, courteous service from Andover. We are a trusted resource in the used networking equipment industry.

Sell your used Cisco equipment for a fair price

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