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"The improper disposal of electronic assets creates significant financial and regulatory noncompliance risks." - Gartner Research

Andover offers EPA compliant (federal and state) computer recycler service. Managing eWaste (i.e. - CRT monitor recycling, phone recycling, computer recycling) is a problem complicated by the risks if one does not manage the disposal to mitigate risk. Federal and state agencies such as the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) increased willingness to prosecute for violations complicates the corporate eWaste problem even more.

Four common solutions to mitigate the financial risks that are offered by many vendors are:

  • Destruction of equipment without worth in accordance with state and federal EPA guidelines
  • Moving equipment to a foreign destination. Although many corporations are not made aware of the ultimate destination for their equipment, this is not an atypical solution for large quantities of monitors.
  • Putting equipment in a landfill. This does not often happen. When it does, the risks are large when the EPA chooses to sue all previous owners for cost.
  • Removing serial numbers and asset tags from the equipment. While erasing serial numbers can appear to solve the issue, there are ethical issues with such actions.

Andover is committed to solving the issue within the law. When shipping equipment to a foreign location is an option, Andover will leave that choice to its client. For any equipment with zero marketable value, Andover will ensure that the equipment is destroyed in order with EPA state and federal regulation.

Where the Computer Recycling problem begins

75% of all phased out corporate computer equipment is immediately moved to storage. There are simple reasons that this occurs:

  • Awaiting decision on disposition
  • Overtasked IT departments have no time to manage sale / erasing the data / cataloging the equipment so that it may be sold
  • No time or decision to prepare for sale
  • Uncertainty if the used computer equipment can be used as a spare or if it may be deployed to another company location

Typically, after a few years, the computer equipment storage area looks more similar to a corporate computer junkyard or a parts depot. The costs are larger in terms of management, storage cost and potential asset recovery value.

Passing the problem to another via donation does not mitigate the risk. Donation is generally the most expensive way to eliminate financial risk. Donated computer equipment tends to be resold rather than used. If used, it is generally recycled after very short periods of use. If the equipment is subsequently disposed or resold to less-than-scrupulous resellers, your name could potentially remain on the chain of ownership.

Andover works with firms to ensure that the management of eWaste is accomplished to mitigate any financial risks to the firm. Andover maintains a no-landfill policy and works to protect its clients by destroying equipment without worth with an EPA compliant method.

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