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If your interest is to raise the most money from the assets you have, our Consignment service is what you seek. This solution will take longer to execute than a solution where we would buy your excess assets, but you will raise between 20% to 30% more money and reduce your work load. You will not have to store your assets, test, inventory and count or manage a long and cumbersome bidding process.

Either you provide us with a list of fully-tested inventory or we accomplish the inventory of your assets. We manage the full sale of each item, including the auction listings, marketing, payment processing, packaging and shipping, and customer support. Within weeks, you will receive funds for 70% of the final market price of all equipment sold.

Contact us at liquidation@andovercg.com or 415.537.695

Why Consignment with Andover?

  • Return. We use eBay to liquidate your assets. This is a market with 95 million buyers and is the most efficient secondary market for hi-tech assets. Items from hi-end Cisco routers and Sun Servers to Pentium II computers are sold there each day. Billions worth of hi-tech assets are sold through eBay each year.
  • Speed. We can begin almost immediately. If you are considering a one day auction, then you have to wait for weeks maybe months before your assets are liquidated all the while their worth is declining between 2% to 3% per week.
  • Orderly liquidation. We can manage an orderly sale of your assets not a one day dump. You have two hundred of the same computer? We would manage the sale of these assets to be done over time. We would sell these at a rate the market could absorb not all at once.
  • We manage customer support. We answer all customer support questions and issues.
  • We manage shipping. We manage shipment to the end buyers for all your assets.
  • We manage clearing funds. We accept Paypal, Billpoint, Bidpay, Credit cards, corporate checks and money orders.
  • Reporting. We provide comprehensive reporting. We can provide a daily or weekly update on the sale of all your assets.
  • Titanium Powerseller. Andover has sold over 50,000 computers, routers, switches and other computer parts through eBay. We have a 99.7% positive feedback ratio. Not even Dell has as high a rating. We are a Titanium Power Seller with over 23000 buyers leaving positive feedback. We believe this reputation gains us at between 5% and 10% additional value on average over other eBay sellers. Review it here.

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