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  1. I have a problem with an item that I just received. What should I do? Email us at techsupport@andovercg.com. We read and respond to all tech support inquiries within one business day. Please make sure to include your name, the eBay item number (it's at the top right-hand corner of the auction page) and a brief description of your problem. DO NOT attempt to make any repairs without our consent as doing so would void your warranty with AndoverCG.
  2. When does my 30-day warranty begin? The warranty begins on the day you receive your item.
  3. Why are your shipping and handling charges so high? Our shipping and handling charges cover not only the fee UPS charges us for employing their service, but also the cost of packaging and man labor. It is a fully disclosed amount listed on all of our auction pages.
  4. Can you help me install an operating system, drivers, or any kind of software necessary to get me started? At this point, we do not provide any kind of software support.
  5. I just bought an item that can still be serviced by the manufacturer. Can you help me transfer the warranty? We regretfully cannot help with any warranty transfer issues. Please bid accordingly.
  6. My item has been returned for repairs. How long do I have to wait for a response? We take up to 3 business days after the receipt of an item to process the return, after which we will contact you via email.
  7. How long will you wait for a response from me on a technical support issue? Unless agreed otherwise, tech support will wait 5 business days for a response, after which we will consider the issue closed.
  8. I won an auction but do not want to pay for the item. What should I do now? You need to contact our sales department at sales@andovercg.com as soon as possible with a brief description of the situation.
  9. Can I throw away the box and any packaging material that came with the box? Please wait until you have thoroughly tested your item before throwing the box and packaging away. If for any reason you need to return your product, you have to use the original box and packaging. Otherwise you will be responsible for having the item professionally packed.

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