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Richmond Network and Data Center Liquidators

For an emergency same day or overnight delivery of a Cisco, Juniper, Dell or SonicWALL network or server product: please call 1-800-430-6950 or visit our store for details.

Andover Richmond network and data center liquidators service Richmond based retail and wholesale businesses, banking institutions, military organizations, manufacturers, any business that may have used tech equipment such as phones, load balancers, network gear, servers or surplus routers which they would like to liquidate. We buy used Cisco, HP, Apple, Nortel, and many other trusted brands. We are happy to serve the greater Richmond area including: Petersburg, Ashland, Chesterfield, Mechanicsville, Glenn Allen, Highland Springs and other nearby communities.


We need an honest, dependable liquidator, someone we can trust. If you are seeking a liquidation firm that can manage your surplus, from removal and data wiping to receiving a fair price for no longer needed data center equipment and networking gear, contact Andover Richmond network and data center liquidators and we'll guide you through the process. If speed and fair pricing are factors (and when aren't they?), Andover will meet your expectation by assessing the value of your surplus, offering you a fair price, and expediting removal.

Why consider liquidation? Most companies and organizations go through periods of needing to upgrade their existing technology. What to do with the former systems often becomes a burden, particularly the competition for storage space. Other businesses may find they need to downsize, or close shop, and have no idea where to sell their surplus data center and networking equipment and receive a fair price. Andover provides a valuable service to Richmond businesses by removing older equipment, freeing up space, and turning unnecessary surplus into necessary capital.

What if our surplus list is not that long? Contact us at Andover and let us make an assessment of what you do have. We work with all types and sizes of businesses and are setup to handle smaller quantities as well as bulk. Our clients range from small family-run shops and graphic design businesses, to large hospitals and financial institutions. Whatever the size of your list, Andover Richmond network and data center liquidators can determine how to manage it. When it's time to part with your used networking, communication and computing devices Andover network and data center liquidators offer fast removal, impeccable service, and the best prices.

Sell your used Cisco, network, and excess Cisco equipment. Free up wasted storage space!

What else does Andover purchase? Andover Richmond network and data center liquidators have a fully qualified staff of expert technicians that service nearly every kind of equipment used to run a business. Multi-user phone systems, data storage hardware, wireless load balancers, routers, flat panel monitors, CPUs, electronic testing equipment, etc. We can quickly determine the value of your surplus and offer you a fair price. After removal we make sure all of your data is wiped, the equipment refurbished and ready for resale. Our mission at Andover is to work directly with our clients alleviating any concerns and flawless execution of the liquidation process.

Examples of equipment we buy: Avocent LCD 17 Single Rack Console, COMPAQ HP Proliant, Cisco CSS-11152-AC-RF CSS 11150 Switch, Apple Mac PowerBook Laptop w/Tiger OS, Juniper Networks Router, Acer TravelMate 5310 Notebook, Panasonic KX-T7456, Western Digital Hard Drive, HP AlphaServer, Cisco Catalyst WS-C4507R, 4507, Seagate Barracuda SATA Internal Hard Drive, HP AlphaServer, Dell Inspiron 4150 Laptop, Cisco Aironet AP1231G Wireless Access Point, Lenovo ThinkPad A22m, A22p, A30, Dell Inspiron 3200, 3500, 3700 Laptop, etc.

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Richmond Network Liquidators

Richmond network and data center liquidators

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Richmond network and data center liquidators

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