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Network and Data Center Liquidation Service

Network and Data Center liquidation service where and when you want it

Nationwide liquidation service: Andover Network and Data Center Liquidators offers liquidation services in every major metropolitan area.

  • Boston, New York, Pennslyvania, Miami to Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles and San Diego
  • Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit to Atlanta, Houston and Dallas
  • and every location in between - we cover it.

Same quality network liquidation service everywhere we you are.

Sell Used Network Equipment for a fair price

To sell used network equipment seems a challenge. To meed that challenge, Andover offers a simple data center liquidation solution: we catalog, wipe, buy and pay. Most Data Center managers or operations have little time or do not gain much by solving the problem of eliminating bulk serversand used Cisco and other network equipment.

Many data centers resemble a storage area after any major upgrade or phase out of used servers, switches, APC power strips, load balancers, used cisco or network or phone equipment. Why? Because:

  • finding a network liquidation firm where one can sell all their network equipment such as used Cisco, used servers and used phones is not easy. Few network liquidation firms manage all types of hardware;
  • storing used servers or used Cisco equipment, in the short term, is less expensive time wise than selling used equipment;
  • one may need surplus used servers or switches or routers or load balancers in the future;
  • no one has yet made the decision to sell the used surplus assets;
  • no one wants to manage a sale of used data center equipment;
  • no one wants to wipe data of each piece of used equipment; and
  • everyone is becoming more aware of eWaste consequences.

The short term savings made by storing used servers or used Cisco blossoms is largely eliminated by the long term costs.

  • Used servers in Storage: one may often see warehouses or storage units full of used networking equipment.
  • Asset devaluation: every week costs you 2% of asset value. The used Cisco or used server equipment sits in storage awaiting the day when the IT department has the resources to catalog and test it drains money. This issue is complicated as the least desirable IT job is the one where one must wipe data from used servers and used servers.
  • Moving costs: in the course of storing used network equipment or used Cisco equipment, the items generally are moved several times.

Andover Network and Data Center Liquidation specialists can eliminate these costs and overheads:

  • We catalog the used network equipment and used Cisco from manufacturer serial number to corporate serial number.
  • We can test and report what we have received.
  • We wipe data to the standard that you want.
  • We buy used the used network and server equipment, phones and data center equipment
  • We move the equipment from your location.
  • We manage eWaste. All electronic waste moves through certified destruction channels in order with State and Federal EPA standards.

Andover's comprehensive network and data center liquidation service offers you an alternative the phase out methodology you may have today.

Examples of network and data center equipment we buy:

  • Switches:
    • Cisco, HP, 3Com, Enterasys and others
  • Network equipment:
    • Used Cisco, Foundry, Extreme, F5, 3Com, Juniper, Nortel, etc.
  • Phone equipment :
    • Cisco, Mitel, Inter-tel, Avaya, Lucent, Nortel, Panasonic, etc.
  • Servers:
    • Dell, HP/Compaq, F5 Networks, HP, IBM, Intel, Sun, SuperMicro
  • Firewalls:
    • SonicWALL, Juniper, Cisco, Fortigate
  • Load Balancers, Aggregators :
    • FatPipe, F5

Sell your surplus data center inventory: find pricing now.

Sell your used data centerand network equipment for a fair price

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