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Used Phones and Switches: Andover buys & sells

Used POS Buyer: We buy used POS Equipment
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Used phone buyer: Working or non-working, we want them. If you have a large stock of used phone systems taking up valuable space, we can make an offer. Sell your surplus IP VOIP phones for a fair price. Keep it simple: send us a cell phone photo of what you have and we can make an offer.

Examples of Cisco phones (working or good for parts) we buy:

  • 7905
  • 7910
  • 7911
  • 7912
  • 7912G
  • 7940
  • 7940G
  • 7960
  • 7960G
  • 7941G
  • 7941G-GE
  • 7942G
  • 7945G
  • 7961G 7961
  • 7961G-GE
  • 7962G 7962
  • 7965G 7965
  • 7942G 7942
  • 7962G 7962
  • 7970
  • 7970G
  • 7971G 7971
  • 7972G 7972
  • 7975G 7975
  • 7937G VOIP Conference IP Phone 7937
  • 7936 VOIP Conference IP Phone
  • 7935 VOIP Conference IP Phone

Andover buyes used phones. Lets keep this simple. Create a list of what you have or take a photo with your cell phone. Email us at liquidation@andovercg.com and we will send you back our offer.

We can offer you a better price than you’re expecting simply because we deal with a huge volume of this kind of inventory. Our customer base is large and growing every day. While used phones may be a significant problem to you, they’re of great interest to us! In fact we buy used phones because there’s a growing market for them. This is the case simply because phones are like computers; they age slowly. If you’ve outgrown your used phones, they’ll be just the thing for some other business.

Used Cisco Phone Buyer: We Offer You Fair Prices

While you may have decided to upgrade your phone system for some reason, others will be happy to acquire your discarded phones. They may be perfect small business phones for a company just starting up. Or perhaps you’re unfortunately downsizing or liquidating. While we’re sympathetic, we are sure we can do a lot to relieve the burden. Asset recovery can include your computer hardware and networking equipment as well as your used phones.

You can rely on us as a used phone buyer, as long as your equipment is in good condition. If you have a large quantity of used phone equipment, give us a call today and we’ll arrange for a speedy assessment. Our inventory process is fast but thorough so that you’ll get paid for everything you have, rather than just a part of it, as is common with other used phone buyers.

Once we’ve agreed on a fair price, you’ll find the collection process is smooth and problem free with Andover. Our operatives are skilled and professional so they’ll inconvenience you as little as possible. We will agree on a time for pickup that is agreeable to you.

Sell your used Cisco phones.

What would you like to accomplish?

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